Becoming a Crusader in 4 Steps

1. Online Application

Our online application process is your first step toward joining the Crusader family.

Click the link above to learn more about the process, required documentation, tuition and fees, etc.

If you encounter any challenges or want more information, please reach out to Brooke Ferguson, our enrollment specialist, at 318-396-7968.

2. Family Interview

Woman smiling to camera

Our administrators love to meet with prospective families to share our vision of education and to hear your story. We believe every student is uniquely designed by God and our interviews focus on learning about your child.

This is also our opportunity to work with your family to make sure that Claiborne Christian is a wonderful fit for your student.

3. Student Testing

Student writing

We utilize a placement assessment to ensure students are prepared to excel in the rigorous CCS academic environment. It also allows us to highlight the areas of strength and those needing improvement for each of our students.

Our enrollment specialist will set up a testing session that normally takes 30 minutes to an hour per test. The tests are completed on a computer in a quiet office or a classroom.

4. New Family Onboarding

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The new family onboarding process is created to help new students and families make the adjustment to a new school. We offer new family orientation meetings, first day checklists, and new family check-ins.

We want your first day, month, and year at CCS to be a great one. The Crusader experience has been transformational in the lives of our students, and we want to help you find your place among the CCS family!